Options - EarthGang Feat. Wale

Options – EarthGang Feat. Wale

Quotable Lyrics: Options – EarthGang Feat. Wale

I got options, I got options
Got a million people watchin’
Yeah, they clockin’, yeah, they clockin’
I got options, I got options, baby
Got a million people watchin’
Yeah, they clockin’ ’cause I’m poppin’

I don’t believe in you, I don’t trust the things you do
It’s only for TV crews
Heart emojis, I know you sendin’ to all your dudes
You got out to parties at night, come back home and sleep alone
It’s so true
And you hang up that brand new dress
You clean up that same old mess, but it’s beautiful
First it’s no, and then it yes
So complacent