Open - Yelawolf & Caskey Feat. DJ Paul

Open – Yelawolf & Caskey Feat. DJ Paul

Quotable Lyrics:
Cause I am all about that hustle
(can’t stop, I’m)
All about the trouble
(and I might just)
Push up on your b*tch
(like I am)
All about that muscle
(I got that)
Mafia inside me
(Three 6 and)
Memphis right beside me
(this ain’t no)
Ladder worth you climbing
(no, b*tch, you)
Ain’t about to try me
(’cause we just)
Double up, double up, triple up, triple up
Jump a motherf**ker like a trampoline
Pour it up, pour it up, in a cup, fill it up
Drink a motherf**ker under the sea