Oooh Triflin - Tink Feat. Fabolous

Oooh TriflinTink Feat. Fabolous

Quotable Lyrics:
If I had a dime every time you said that you’ve changed
Boy, I wouldn’t need you ni**as for anything
I let all sink in

For a minute I’m drained (For a minute I’m drained)
How did I let this f**k ni**a make me feel a way?

Who did you think you was?
On the scene with a b*tch in my car
Swear you got juice because (Yeah)
Tryin’ me, boy, you tried too hard (Hard)

Don’t tell me you complete me (Me)
No, you don’t know how to read me
You just mad ’cause I caught you in 3D (Three)
You in 3D, yeah