One Time - B-Lovee Feat. Ice Spice, Skillibeng & J.I.

One TimeB-Lovee Feat. Ice Spice, Skillibeng & J.I.

Quotable Lyrics:
Got me screamin’, “Free the bros”, f**k one time
How you say I’m for these h*es if it was one time?
Spent more than forty on my clothes, more than one time
Posted with my chop’, I never got caught one time

Guarantee you step out of line only one time
Enjoy that sunset ’cause you won’t see the sun shine
When we line ’em up ****
If life’s a bad b*tch, I ain’t tripping ’cause I’m fine as f**k
The way I’m shinin’ on these ni**as, told ’em get they diamonds up

One time, baby, one time
We gon’ mask up with them choppas when it’s gun time
Hit the opps broad day, we love that sunshine
Swear my life it get wicked, boy, you don’t want mine

Up this b*tch in a second, no, I ain’t playin’ with ’em
I’m from the trenches where they kill so I be stayin’ with it
Pu**y water, her head good, but I ain’t layin’ with her
I heard it’s crunch time, pop out with like thirty in my Glock and I’ma dump mine