Old Ways - Young Dolph

Old WaysYoung Dolph

Quotable Lyrics:
Drinkin’ Ace of Spades, no Rosé, ayy
Celebratin’ with the gang, bring a whole case (What’s today?)
Every day my birthday, I just want some more cake (Yeah, yeah)
Used to have a plug in San José (Yeah)

First thing that he asked me “So, what’s your name?” (Yeah)
Money hungry, young and dumb, ain’t got no brain (Yeah)
On the e-way in somethin’ fast, foot to the floor, man (Yoom)

Damn, that pu**y good, I wanna give her my last name (Hol’ up)
Then I had my lil’ boy, that sh*t changed my whole world (Tre Tre)
A couple of years later (What?), now here come my lil’ girl (Aria)

I don’t work for myself no more, I work for them, respect it (Yeah)
Everythin’ in my past, that’s my passion, I can’t help it (Yeah)

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