Ocean Gold - NoCap ft. Internet Money,Save The Day - NoCap ft. Kodak Black

Ocean GoldNoCap ft. Internet Money

Quotable Lyrics:
What they gon’ do if I stop rappin’, find another passion?
I’m tryna put this codeine down and find another habit
The only ones changin’ the ones that I didn’t imagine
Don’t play with this, it’s dangerous, I promise I’m not just a rapper

Ni**a, I rock designer clothes like this sh*t free
I buy diamonds every month like this sh*t cheap
They drop, they shake the ground, you know these teals heavy
I land in LA, then I get some lean from Petty

Ni**a, it wasn’t gangster if you didn’t regret it
Pull up Lam’ truck, came from a box Chevy
7.62s, you know them shots deadly
In New Orleans, we be strapped, you better ask Teddy
Up in Houston with them rockets like I’m Patrick Beverly
I had enough of them apologies, I don’t accept ’em
Lil E gone, but Lil E livin’ in my heart forever

I said a prayer today like, “God, help me fight these devils”
Like he attackin’ me before I hit another level
Federales want my ni**as, I hope we dodge the system
Forgive the drug dealers, forgive the shot senders
Forgive the pot whippers, forgive the real ni**as

‘Cause I know one thing, pain gon’ flow
But I know one day, sun will show
And I know one day, rain will go
And I will turn my ocean gold

But if not, then we alright, yeah, yeah
Then the world would be so nice
Then it’d be me here with nobody else
So somebody should give me some help