Ocean Drive - Sean Kingston Feat. Chris Brown

Ocean DriveSean Kingston Feat. Chris Brown

Quotable Lyrics:
Come gyal, let me show you (Hey)
I know love is blind
Promise I won’t hurt you

Ain’t that other guy
We can slide in an old school
Ride down Ocean Drive
No, I’m not what you’re used to
But I’m someone you gon’ like

Girl, I, I
Can see you been through some things
Let’s take a ride
In a drop top, switching four lanes
Oh, why

Your heart ain’t been the same?
No, I won’t bring you pain
I will never change you

Oh, I, I
I can see you’ve been through the pain
Oh, I, I
I won’t let you fall for it again
Oh, I, I
Come here, know you need a real nigga that’s in your life
Tired of the games and you’re tired of the lies
Oh, I, oh, I, I-I-I

Mi give you love, give you love when the right time come
Nuff a them ah try talk but them don’t know us
The only one I need and the one I trust (I trust)
Come and ride in an old school, baby, let’s go

Smoking on that gas, I ain’t talking CITGO
You was there for me, had to let the rest go
Don’t know where I’d be without you