Obsession - Eric Bellinger

ObsessionEric Bellinger

Quotable Lyrics:
It’s an obsession (Obsession)
Just a reflection of things we both know (Know)
I can’t let you go

It seems like, all of the seconds feel like minutes (Like minutes)
All of the hours feel like days, don’t be too long (Long)
And don’t take it wrong, it’s an obsession

You ain’t nothin’ like I thought you was (Was)
You my left and right, you my all above (Above)
You got character (Woah, ooh-woah)

Nothin’ compares to you (Yeah)
Know you’ve been all that I needed (Needed)
More than, I was completed

Don’t you get too conceited (Conceited)
And that’s where I gotta leave it (Leave)

‘Cause I don’t want you to think I’m crazy (Crazy), for lovin’ you (You)
Doin’ everything (Thing) I said I’d do (Oh-woah, ooh-woah, yeah)
Just to be true

Eric Bellinger