Nut Quick - GloRilla

Nut QuickGloRilla

Quotable Lyrics:
I could’ve been the president, the way
I lead these ni**as on (Glo for president)
Say I might be racist by the way
I do these ni**as wrong (Maybe I am)

If it’s ever me or her, then you
won’t have to choose, I’m gettin’ gone (Ah)
Ain’t never been no pick me b*tch,
I’m quick to leave a ni**a ‘lone (On thе gang)
I’m a raw-ass b*tch, but swear to God

I can’t be f**ked with (On God)
Found out I was prеgnant, got it gone
and I ain’t f**k since (Outta there)
He thought I would be crazy after sex,

but I ain’t nothin’ (Haha)
He could’ve been my favorite sneaky link,
but he just nut quick (Why you do it?) / New Music Release

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