Nun To Do - Young Nudy

Nun To DoYoung Nudy

Quotable Lyrics:
Geek up and roll up and pop me a pill (Yeah)
Pour me up a cup, I poured out the seal (Pour me up)
In your trap, ni**a tryna make some deals (Deals)
Everybody know I’m tryna make some mil’s (Tryna make some mil’s)

Record label had to meet me in the ‘partment
Yeah, I’m at the top of the hill (Top of the hill)
Showin’ ’em dead, this sh*t is for real (For real)
I’m gangster, my ni**a, that’s just how I live (That’s how I live)

I do not listen what a ni**a say, I do what I wanna do
That’s end of the day (That’s end of the day)
It’s too late for me to go sell my soul
My soul in the street, really shot ni**as in the face (Yeah)

I done been questioned ’bout some murder cases
I done been questioned ’bout some situations
Made it out the most craziest places,
never snitched in that situation (Never)

All these ni**as fakin’, they so fugazi (Huh)
Ni**a actin’ like they so up, they made it (Damn)
Ni**a ain’t even made a hundred thousand (What?)
You actin’ like you runnin’ sh*t, is you crazy?

Got my first hundred, I thought that I made it
I found out that sh*t was nothin’, streets had played me
Make this sh*t back-to-back, it’s on the daily
Loaded bank account, that b*tch goin’ crazy

Business manager tell me not to go brazy
Ready to show these motherf**kers I made it
Give ’em a reason to hate me
Ni**a talk about me everyday, keep me up, achin’

I’m makin’ money these ni**as ain’t makin’
Thinkin’ ’bout the time when twin had to chase me
Steppin’ on the stage, I’m makin’ a bag
I’m chasin’ this bag, makin’ money daily

Young Nudy – Nun To Do