Nothing's Changing - NoCap

Nothing’s ChangingNoCap

Quotable Lyrics:
They always fed nothing but lies
Nothing was changing but time
Stuck in my ways, I wanna say I got a million h*es waitin’ on me
I got a house right by the lake, I hate to say, when I’m safe, I’m lonely
Cheddar the only thing I chase, ain’t no way shawty bankin’ on me

We on they ass like wedgies, drive them foreign cars like jet skis
That roof on, my pet peeve, no stylist can dress me
Buy Dior like it’s cheap

All these Rolls pullin’ up, I drive it just like Jeff Gordon
We quick to burn him like he fell on a carpet or rug
Real ni**as invited, and you still can’t party with us
They don’t know what I put in, they ain’t seen half of the work

I see the J’s through my lens, I seem to laugh when it hurt
All my diamonds frost, was just up in that cell with Lil Kirk
I took heaven to Mars and, ni**a, I brought hell back to earth

No credit for my wave, they took the board, and everybody surf
My heart achin’, but I get faded and wish Lil E ain’t take them Percs, ah

Got a handgun with a scope, so I can hit from far or close range
Don’t tell me that I’m dope, b*tch, tell me I’m cocaine