Messy - Quavo & Takeoff,Nothing Changed - Quavo & Takeoff

Nothing ChangedQuavo & Takeoff

Quotable Lyrics:
Don’t nothin’ change but the chains (Woah)
We on ya head like a bang (Bang)
All double R’s, no Range (Range)
B*tch ain’t came with a name (Stain)
Got all eyes on my gang (Gang)

Hundred-thousand, kiss the ring (Ring)
Foreign exchange the chain (Foreign)
Foreign exchange the chain (Foreign, foreign)

Run it up, that’s it (Run it up)
M&M’s, whole tick (Whole tick)
Don’t mind if I do it, I get it, I love my brothers, I split it (Split it)
Lil’ ni**a, mind ya business, cause I got somе guns, they hitting (Hitting)
Jump out the bando, just choppin’ the chickеns, and now I’m on top of the city (City)

Designer mismatching, yeah, the money do backflips, yeah
I flipped the mattress, (Flip it) I tuck in up my glasses, yeah
I upped the status, now she lookin’ like a actress, yeah (Woo)
This a big go-bag and we gon’ f**k up Magic (Yeah)

And we got a hunnid round mag, (Shoot) to clear out the madness (Rahh)
I’m the Huncho to my people and I cannot go out the saddest (No)
Don’t need no money counter, cause I think my fingers count the fastest (Cash)
No, I’m not Bruce Wayne, but I keep the fire like the dragon (Fire)

Stackin’ up loose change and I turned the sh*t into a mansion (Mansion)
Boarding a new plane, one phone call when we landing (Landing)
Know the crew came from the northside of the planet (Northside)

She see the new chain, she gon’ jump right out of her panties (Jump out, out of her panties)
Before the trap turned golden, I was stacking in the pantry (Stacking the pantry)
Ain’t nothing Hollywood but the name, I gotta tell ’em that / New Music Release

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