Not Opps - PGF Nuk Feat. EST Gee

Not OppsPGF Nuk Feat. EST Gee

Quotable Lyrics:
Pop out with them racks like
I hit the jackpot (Jackpot)
Boy, you ain’t no threat, boy,
them ni**as not opps (Them ni**as not opps)
We don’t chase bops, but baby,

send that lo’ to get him dropped (Get him dropped)
Like a pill, he get popped (Popped),
they can’t chill on that block, uh, uh (Go)
Boy, them ni**as not opps (They not opps)

Why they dissin’ on lil’ bro? They
ain’t never sent no shots (Never sent no shots)
They ain’t never spinned this block

(Spinned this block), they ain’t never get this car (Car)
He ain’t never get up close (Get up close),
and if he did, fah, fah, uh (Fah, fah)