“No Voting No Vucking”BLK ft. Saucy Santana and Trina

Quotable Lyrics:
No votin’, no lovin’ (Nah)
No votin’, no touchin’ (Uh-uh)
No votin’, no nothin’ (Bye)
No votin’, no f**kin’ (Ah, ah, ah)
No votin’, no f**kin’

BLK app, lookin’ for some action
Swipe the homie Scott, what’s happenin’ (Hey)
Face is a nine, abs is a ten
D is a mmm, to be determined

He got mad jokes, he don’t seem broke
The only read flag, he said he don’t vote
T-T-T-This midterm is for all the single cuties
Wanna hit this booty? Gotta do yo’ civic duty (Ow)

BLK ft. Saucy Santana and Trina