No Tourist - Money Man

No TouristMoney Man

Quotable Lyrics:
You trying to explain your point to me but i ain’t trying to hear it
All that manipulation, it ain’t work
I can’t take you serious
I was in bottega
Just (?…) sometime i hop on one of these planes and fly to europe
From the hood, i’m not a tourist
I keep on buying guns
The way she put that pu**y on a ni**a, it’s incredible
If you don’t have emotion, shawty cool, you not eligible

That (?…) ain’t workin’ on me, i’m not green
It’s hard for me to be trusting
Close to me (?…)
I know you kinda broken

Told you i got your back for life like multiple sclerosis
Let you splurge at (?…) you can go (?…) what you want
Ni**a said he gon’ touch me on god i swear he won’t
But when you touch me, that sh*t make my blood rush like it chill

I thought i had a bond with you i thought this sh*t was special
All them losses i had took, they always detrimental (let’s go)
Rubbin’ on her titties, i got her wet, i kissed her neck
Go back and forth, ain’t with that talkin’ on the net
That (?…)

You makin’ up sh*t in your head
(?…) my ap got the blood diamond