NO SZNS - Jean Dawson

NO SZNSJean Dawson

“No Szns” is a recently released single by American singer-songwriter Jean Dawson, featuring guest vocals from SZA. This is a genre-blending track that defies easy categorization. Jean Dawson’s music often incorporates elements of alternative rock, hip-hop, and R&B, creating a unique sonic landscape. The track’s production, co-produced by Austin Corona, Elliott Kozel, Jesse Schuster, Wyatt Bernard, and Zach Fogarty, features a blend of light psychedelia and catchy melodies.

In “NO SZNS,” he explores themes of identity and self-discovery in the context of a changing world. The title suggests a rejection of traditional seasonal cycles, hinting at a desire for something constant in a world marked by change. Jean Dawson’s distinctive sound and thought-provoking lyrics make “NO-SZNS” a standout piece in his discography, appealing to fans of experimental and boundary-pushing music. The collaboration between Jean Dawson and SZA highlights their unique styles and shared commitment to creating emotionally stirring and impactful music. / New Music Release

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