No Switches - Lil Gnar Feat. Tory Lanez

No SwitchesLil Gnar Feat. Tory Lanez

Quotable Lyrics:
Made a way, I’m the one that they talk about
I got cheddar like I work out at In-N-Out
Up the laser then we finna point him out (Point him out)
I was little, knew I’d get a big amount
Used to ride on the top of the handlebar
You ain’t hated but bet I’m the sh*t now
Tell ’em I’m turnt, I can’t turn down
Trap on me, makin’ a bird sound (Brr)

I got Drac’, Drac’, Drac’, Drac’, Drac’
Can’t tote that Glock, if it ain’t have no switches (Grrt)
I got big straps in my waistline, got yo’ ho tryna suck my glizzy (My glizz’)
I got fake plates on the interstate, keep twelve up out my business (Skrrt)
Soon as granny died, started cracking cards ’cause I knew I had go ‘head and get i