No Reason - Lil Gnar Feat. Lil Keed & Yak Gotti

No ReasonLil Gnar Feat. Lil Keed & Yak Gotti

Quotable Lyrics:
I pull on that sh*t for no reason (Yeah)
Dior, it come with no creases (Yeah)
Back in the day, they ain’t need me (Uh-huh)

I’m finna pull off in that ‘Ghini (Skrrt)
Audemar just like a pelican how my wrist got all this water (Ayy)
I’m finna f**k on a MILF and then go slaughter the daughter (Uh)

Put that sh*t on to wear to the mailbox (Yeah)
Hold on, I gotta answer the jail call (Uh)
Still to keep that sh*t on every day, on the daily
I do not take me a day off

Run my life, I’ma tell you what I seen (Ayy)
I never tell you what they saw (What they saw)
I’m in a pair of Amiri jeans (Yeah)
I walk around with a bankroll (Oh)