No Negotiations - Sheff G

No Negotiations – Sheff G

Quotable Lyrics: No Negotiations – Sheff G

She look gorgeous on the wake-up
Bad lil’ b*tch f*cked up her make-up
Catch ’em speedin’, racin’, AMGs, police can’t chase us
Catch me at a function, only baddies at this function (Ayy)
Look, step on my feet, b*tch, we gon’ jump you
Spend like ten at Webster, Dior what I’m steppin’, my bag Louis V
Glocks with beams all up in his V, run up, you gon’ see

Heard of me, pu**y, why you flexin’? Know you heard of me
Look, like me, then we f*ckin’, don’t start stalkin’ me
Huh, look, point to where the money, get a sis’, bring your friends
Tell ’em, “This where all the money,” get a sis’
Tell ’em ni**as, wait “You don’t wanna run up on that kid”
Better tell ’em ni**as (Last one tried to do it, he got dead)