No More Love - GloRilla

No More LoveGloRilla

Quotable Lyrics:
Sometimes I just sit back and just wonder, “What’s my purpose here?” (I don’t know)
I need an answer ASAP ’cause I’m gettin’ a little nervous here (Woo)
If they can’t see your worth, you gotta let ’em know they worthless here
And they can’t see me boss the bottom b*tches get no service here

Was tryna make them happy, I forgot about my own peace
He tried to let me hold the Glock, but bae, I got own piece
Ain’t nobody gas me up, I always went off my speed
Nah, ain’t nobody gas me up, I pulled up with my own weed

I believed in me back then when nobody supported me (Ayy)
They all on my d*ck, but months ago, they was ignoring me (Huh?)
Last year, I got pregnant, but the mission got aborted, B
How the hell you hatin’ on me and you having way more than me?
The f**k?

Then, just like, with b*tches, like,
everybody can’t go to the top with you
And it’s like God see that sh*t
Like he just get to letting people reveal

they true colors and, like, they real self
Like, then the crazy part about it is you
really be f**kin’ with folks, then

It be crazy, like, you be f**ked up when they
really have— You really have to say, “Bye,” to they ass