No Love - Fredo Bang Feat. Sleepy Hallow

No LoveFredo Bang Feat. Sleepy Hallow

Quotable Lyrics:
Chanel, your toes, Dior, yo’ boots
You don’t love your body, I’ll buy you some brand new boobs, ayy
Baby, can I get yo’ time? (Yeah) You can have all of mine (Yeah)
Heard you got a brand new bae (Yeah)
But he can’t take my place, that’s just a phase

B*tch ain’t got no love for me (Yeah, yeah)
Then she get no trust from me (Oh, oh)
Once that lil’ b*tch f**k with me (Yeah, yeah)
It’s like she stuck to me (Oh, oh)
Squeeze me right between them thighs (Hi, hi)
I roll back both them eyes
Tell me if you down to ride
Can’t do wrong in my eyes