No Love (Extended Version) - Summer Walker Feat. SZA & Cardi B

No Love (Extended Version)Summer Walker Feat. SZA & Cardi B

Quotable Lyrics:
Here I am, there you are fallin’ out of love again
I don’t know just how to feel
It’s time to meet you where you are
I needed some time apart
‘Cause you’ve been playin’, I’ve been loyal
No questions, boy, I’ve been ten toes down
To communications with ni**as that wanna be around
So I found it crazy how b*tches that’s in my mentions now
Nothin’ that you’re sayin’ add up to me, how I’m feelin’ now
I just wanna be everything you need
I wish you could see how you hurtin’ me
II-I-I got no more love, this time I’m done with that (Done with you)
I’m thinkin’ of ways that I can hurt you back

If I had you back (Back)
I wouldn’t’ve did all that (That)
I would’ve played it just how you wanted to play it
You didn’t yet see my worth, so you try to play me
But I was so in love, love
That I just got a little bit too complicated

But if I had you back, all I wanna do is fuck (F**k)
Get drunk (Get drunk), take drugs (Take drugs)
(F**k love)
All I wanna do is f**k (F**k)
Get drunk (Oh), hop planes
All lust, there will be no lovin’ you
It would be no lovin’ you