No Love - 4TM Draco Feat. NLE Choppa

No Love4TM Draco Feat. NLE Choppa

Quotable Lyrics:
Man, I just be doggin’ these h*es (Doggin’ these h*es)
I don’t got no love for these b*tches (No love)
Whole city mad, ’cause I did it

I don’t get no love from my lil’ city
Chargin’ the fifty, [?] they tried to book me
And you gon’ die if you reach out this pendent (Brrt)

R.I.P bullets comin’ out this glizzy
Another gone, that’s another killin’
I’m on demon time, [?] coulda ride

Run a homicide, up in my city (My city)
Yeah, his brother died, f**k them other guys
I done dropped a bag on them lil’ b*tches

I done got ’em mad, I got ’em trippin’
I’m on ni**as ass, stop playin’ with me (With top shottas)
They gon’ make me mad, playin’ with my siblings
Made me f**kin’ crash out of this fifty (Ayy)