No IceErick the Architect ft. AKTHESAVIOR

Quotable Lyrics:
Get some on the gang (Both ride)
Ex girl, hit my line (Go silent)
Muzzle on the pistol (So quiet)
All you hear is, « Shh » (Be quiet)

I done made a change (Whole life)
I done rolled half (I done rolled half, gold stripes)
Used to bag a dame (Used to bag a dame, your type)
Now I’m rockin’ plain (Now I’m rockin’ plain, no ice)

Even though I’m winnin’, this a bad sport (Woah)
I just wanna take the Bentley crash course (Ayy)
Revvin’ up the engine whilе I pass yours (See you)
DSM for shoppin’, I got mad sauce (Woo)

Ain’t nobody worried ’bout no threats though
I stolе off on a ni**a like a klepto (Give me that)
I got someone who could do it for the bread dough (What?)
Plus a couple who would do it ’cause I said so (Brrt, brrt, brrt)
Feel foolish, I don’t do this for the clout (For the clout)

I don’t do this but a ni**a steppin’ out (Steppin’ out)
You’re impressive but your luck is runnin’ out (Runnin’ out)
It’s a deficit, ain’t really workin’ out (Workin’ out)

Prada everything is what it’s all about (Woo)
Tell the bae, keep a pink pistol in her pouch (Ooh)
Nowadays, I don’t trust a friend so frail
Just a young ni**a ridin’ coat tails (Mm-hmm, mm-hmm)