New Money - BRS Kash

New MoneyBRS Kash

Quotable Lyrics:
Cartier frame, they all on my face
In love with designer, it wrap in my body (In love with designer)
Count up the cake while I’m getting some topping (Yeah)
Play with the issues and then I go shopping (Oh)
Standing ovation, bravo like I’m Johnny, huh (Woo)
Wake up and get some new money (Wake up and get some new)

Sit back relax
Kick up my feet (Kick up my feet)
Take off my shoes then count up them racks (Count up them racks)
Rolling up flavor, just got a new pack (Pack)
In love with designer, that drip on my back (Ooh-wee)
Ain’t chasing no b*tch, I ain’t tryna get laid (Uh-huh)
I’m chasing that money, I’m tryna get paid

Ain’t feeling your spirit, you need to go save
She owe me some money, my heart full of rage
These ni**as be doing the most (Doing the most)
So I had to sit back (I had to sit back)
My enemy way too close

Had to load up the MAC (Had to load up the MAC, brr)
I just be chilling, went on the low (Facts)
I seen a million before twenty-four
Keep your eye open, you know how it go
These ni**as be plotting and yeah, that’s for sure, for sure