“New Blue Sun”Andre 3000

André 3000, one half of the iconic hip-hop duo OutKast, has released his debut solo album titled “New Blue Sun” after a hiatus of 17 years. The album, which is purely instrumental, marks a departure from his previous work and has been described as a “stunning 87-minute mind-bender, minimalist and experimental, tribal and transcendent”.


“New Blue Sun” invites listeners on a genre-defying odyssey, where soulful melodies intertwine with intricate lyricism, painting a kaleidoscopic journey through themes of love, introspection, and societal reflections. This release has been met with anticipation and positive reception, with fans and critics alike expressing their thoughts on the album. This marks a significant moment in André 3000’s career, as he explores a new musical direction and showcases his versatility as an artist.

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