Never Hating - Lil Baby , Young Thug

Never HatingLil Baby , Young Thug

Quotable Lyrics:
Fresh like the first day of the school on the weekend
I put this sh*t on today, for no reason
Got somethin’ to smile about, I fixed up my teeth
Straight from the lot, call up Herm, get it geeked up
Thousand horse power, my car gotta keep up
Act like I’m slow all the time, but I peep stuff

What kinda guy let a b*tch keep the beef up?
I let ’em live for a while, now the lease up
Nail in the hammer, I done built it from the ground up
Brodie say he workin’, but the bricks, them went down somethin’
They handle the business, I do not go around them
You can get a hundred if you want to, we got pound spots
I’m the one that’s really havin’ motion, what they talkin’ ’bout?

Cars, I done did that, chains, don’t need no more
So many clothes, startin’ to feel like a hobo
Every milestone, tryna buy me a new home
Potholes keep on f**kin’ up the Forgi’s, take the rims off
The way she twist and suck it, like she tryna take the skin off
Bro ‘nem, in a striker, but it’s good, we swapped the VINs out

Don’t bark up this tree, I make the chopper knock his limb off
Thousand dollar after every road, that’s what they hittin’ for
All I do is f**k her, I done turned her to a nympho
FN’s, blackouts, Gen5’s, Gen4’s
Trippin’ for the family, I don’t play about my kin folk

I took the guys to L.A. for a business meetin’
God, watch my friends, I can handle my enemies
F**k I look like havin’ smoke with my mini me’s
Ni**as gotta be jokin’, you kiddin’ me?