Never Freestyle - Coast Contra

Never FreestyleCoast Contra

Quotable Lyrics:
I’m a son of a gun, with sixteen, bite the bullet
My style Russian Roulette, just be careful when you pull it
I had to some pull strings, I wish they was over acoustics
My flow stupid, doofus, I’m the blueprint

The twins is a pair but I’m a 2 for 1
This the moon and the sun, Frank Castle & Big Pun
Ya punishments begun
My split personality, split ni**as for fun

The man in the mirror told me to pick a side
I got a different side like a Gemini
Inside, Lives The Bridge to the other side
Follow me down the rabbit hole, where I had to walk on faith

Just like the yellow brick, click, clicking ya heels
Won’t get ya back home, when I come on, so bring it on you rap divas
Tell ya loved ones bye like Felicia, I was spittin’ Ether ‘fore I got a visa
Now I shine down on ’em like the sun in Costa Rica

We glorified truth seekers, Yo soy en El Niño de Oro
Negro y Latino
Here for the people, Colombiano y Africano
Desde egipcio, El faraón with a golden heart
Este flow es bendito

Coast Contra