Never Again - Russ

Never AgainRuss

Quotable Lyrics:
I need somebody who’s not gonna stress me and peak my anxiety (Please, chill)
I need somebody who f**kin’ respects me and doesn’t keep tryin’ me (Please, please, please)
Never again, never again, that was the last time (For real)
Never again, never again, I said that last time

Your lack of understanding, patience, poor communication
Got me feelin’ like there’s no more point in tryna make this work (Work, work, work)
Ooh, can you blame me?
No-ooh, yeah, yeah, yeah

But every time I dive in it (Swim)
F**k around and damn near die in it
Swear on everything though, I’m finished
We be havin’ fights every five minutes
Yeah, no, no

I be at your crib at like 5pm
I’ma get my sh*t, I’ma give you your things
I don’t wanna talk to you, I just wanna be out
I ain’t tryin’ to hear sh*t that you talkin’ about
Yeah, time’s up, baby I’m gone (Gone)

And I’m cool with the fact that maybe I’m wrong
Can’t do it anymore, I gotta choose me (Choose me)
I can tell you never thought that you would lose me
But here we are, and there I go, and there you stay (Stay)
And here we are, and there I go, and there you stay