Nelly Furtado - Strick

Nelly FurtadoStrick

Quotable Lyrics:
Wrist came with slatt, that’s the motto (Slime)
Snatch it like Nelly Furtado (Shh)
Prada, just stick me some goggles
Still poppin’ them tags, I been popular

My ex, she a freak, she a goner (Bah, bah)
I’m a shark, I might swim with piranha’s (Shh)
Cullinan parked in front of the Carti (Skrrt)
Got this freak with me, say she like parties (Let’s go)

I like my spins, f**k, girl, way past the moon
You know that I’m spinnin’
The car ain’t no coupe, it still got the roof
But you can see the stars in the ceiling (Skrrt)
It’s cheaper to keep her, but I let my kids f**k ’round in her jaw (Ah)
They know I’m a slime, just like a co-worker, but I’m a big dawg (Ah)

Fuckin’ with high-tide magazines, I’m rollin’, absorbin’
She gеt Celine, can volley Sha-nay-nay whеnever she want it
You got respect, and lost some money, and you know the Piru world want dollars
I got to keep raisin’ up my daily, baby, that’s the only problem