Nasty - Tyga, Chris Brown

NastyTyga, Chris Brown

Quotable Lyrics:
She gon’ get nasty, yeah (N asty, yeah)
Bad lil’ baby gon’ shake somethin’ (Shake somethin’, yeah)
Whole lotta money, you could make some (Make some)
Go and throw it back, don’t break nothin’, yeah, yeah

She gon’ get nasty, yeah (N asty, yeah)
Broke ass ni**a, girl, I ain’t one (Ain’t one)
Whole lotta money, you could make some (Make some)
Your hatin’ ass ni**a wanna say somethin’?

She gon’ do it on a handstand, do it on the D (Yee)
Do it ’cause you know you need the money for the friend (Woo)
Do it ’cause you hopin’ it’s gon’ put you on a jet (Skrr)
Do it ’cause you know I get that good pu**y wet
We live

Go and shake that sh*t like it’s V-Live
Instagram with it, baby, we live
Do whatever for the cat, love the feline
Yeah, bring that ass back like it’s rewind
Girl, bring it back (Oh), back (Oh)

I ain’t know you do it like that (Like that)
Go ‘head, get into it like that (Like that)
Throw that ass and I’m throwin’ money back (Oh, yeah, yeah)
Yeah, bring it back (Oh), back, oh

Tryna throw a ni**a off track, off track, yeah
Love it when you do it like that, like that
Tell the DJ, gotta run it back (Yeah)