My All - Polo G

My AllPolo G

Quotable Lyrics:
Love could have you in a trance you need to desperately wake up from
When it was time to dance, could always count on you to be my plus-one
High on cloud nine from stomach butterflies, it’s when that rush come
I gave that ungrateful b*tch my all, that wasn’t enough, huh

No, I swear these h*es, you can’t trust ’em
Baby, I don’t want relations, I’m just tryna f**k some
I’m just tryna drop a hit and make the club jump
But I hate that I was too deep in so young

I done spent two-thirty on a brand-new Richard Mille
I been turnt up, I’m the youngest and the richest in my city
All on Twitter on my d*ck because that b*tch can’t get up with mе

This rapper lifestyle lit, callеd it a quits and now she sh*tty, uh
In my bag, not in my feelings, do I miss it? Nah, not really
And I know these ni**as envy, so I’m clutchin’ on my semi

With my goon squad, and we don’t catch a temp, so please don’t tempt me
Glock gon’ do it’s job and bro gon’ blow that b*tch ’til it get empty, uh
And for bro, I’d give my kidney up, shots, that’s a hundred sixty plus

Me and Liv just f**ked Philly up, f**king h*es, I done bust plenty nuts
My care on zero, not no hero, ni**a, I don’t give any f**ks
Adrenaline, that’s why my fit gon’ spaz out and let glizzies bust