My 24th Birthday - Santan Dave

My 24th BirthdaySantan Dave

Quotable Lyrics:
I spent my twenty-fourth birthday with the people I love
For the diamonds, gotta see through the dust
God, I know I ain’t easy to love

I just wish that Abdullah could’ve seen what we’ve done
I retired my mum, moved out with my friends
That’s where the problems start, that it ain’t where it ends

How many single mums sacrifice it all for their kids?
Stop workin’, feel they haven’t got a reason to live
I believe that God fed the five thousand with the bread and the fish

‘Cah I seen mummy do some similar things
It can hеlp you or harm you
Depends on how you usin’ the ropе

How are we in the wrong for supplyin’ drugs?
The government’s the reason that we use ’em to cope
I made friends with a flame, and I’m used to the smoke, yeah

When we never had a thing, we still split in half
It’s the people with the least that got the biggest hearts
One of a kind, true love, it ain’t just somethin’ you find
A good girl ain’t just somethin’ you find