Murda Man - Fredo Bang & Foolio

Murda ManFredo Bang & Foolio

Quotable Lyrics:
I been dancin’ with that stick (Ayy, ayy)
This my murder man dance (Grr)
This my murder man dance (Oh, bop, bop)
This my murder man dance

I was posted with the Glock out
The opps pull up and we gon’ rock out
Whip out that d*ck, I got my cock out (Cock out)
Draco hittin’ hard like his socks off (Bangman, nigga)

I’m Mike Tyson with the Glock out, I pop a ni**a in his chin (Boom, bop)
I’m up with that pump, I make splinters out his chin
Put up on his head, I added on a ten (Uh-uh)
Baptised a b*tch

Fredo Bang & Foolio