Mucky James - Tory Lanez

Mucky JamesTory Lanez

Quotable Lyrics:
I’m startin’ to give like zero f**ks ’bout how it’s goin’ down
They try to blackball me for money but I ain’t goin’ out
I told myself I’ll stop this bullsh*t and not speak up more
I had to go through way more bullsh*t **** door

And these b*tches tried to play me out like they ain’t know my name, yeah, uh
I was at a high in my career, you think I’d come out here and ****
And if you think I’d do that sh*t, you on some stupid sh*t
I don’t need to do that sh*t, my Haitian h*es gon’ woo a b*tch

I can’t lie temporarily that b*tch came and ruin sh*t
They can’t beliеve I’m back poppin’, I’m out here doin’ sh*t
Hеy, Tory, stop talking ’bout it, I wish I could but dawg
I’m only human, sometimes that sh*t be gettin’ to me, yeah

Not one of them ni**as that be fakin’ what he feeling, I’m gon’ talk about it
Meek Mill, he used to be my dawg, he did some flaw sh*t to me (Too legit)
And when I brought it up, lil’ cuh wouldn’t even talk about it
Ain’t beefin’ with you cuh, I swear I’m more hurt than anything
I’m at this point in life where I don’t stress the petty thing / New Music Release

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