MS PORTER - $NOT Feat. Night Lovell

MS PORTER$NOT Feat. Night Lovell

Quotable Lyrics:
I’m knockin’ on your door, I thought it was over (Over)
I’m not really sober, come over, I’m a loner (Yeah, yeah)
Come inside my beamer, I got Belly’s Range Rovers (Range Rovers)

I’ma die alone and I thought you was my baby (My boo)
Pray to God every day and I wish he come and take me (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
How could she play me? I’ma run down in your house (No, no)

I’ma blow that b*tch right now (Right now)
Smoke a blunt real quick, it’s loud (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
I’ma give this b*tch my pain, we gon’ die in sour flames (Yeah)

You know, it’s me, Night Lovell and sh*t
Me posted outside, you feel?
Like, this b*tch don’t even wanna come outside
Like, it’s really crazy, you know, like, what is love?

I think love is like, honestly, I really don’t know, man
You know, my mind is all type of like, f**ked up, you know
Like, it’s really f**ked up right now

This b*tch got me like, all types of f**ked up
Like, open up the f**kin’ door, b*tch
What the f**k? Haha