Quotable Lyrics:
Ms. Evans, out of ten she like a seven
Teach English, High-school, grade eleven
Single as f**k, got a condo, drive Lexus
No kids, she make these ni**as use protection

And she be teachin’ class in some yoga pants
Ass fat, she know the young boys be on her a**
But they some babies to her, them boys ain’t got a chance
One of the coolest teachers, everybody be in her class
Now lеt me tell you about the bеst friends Mike and Stephen

They gon’ be there for each other if ain’t no one left
Copy each other homework, same answers every test
And they both like Ms. Evans, so them ni**as made a bet
Steph like “You see how she be lookin’ at me, boy she want me”

Mike like “Ni**a hell nah, she be on me”
Steph said “She might let a ni**a hit it low-key”
Mike replied “If she do, I’m the one it’s gon’ be”
Steph like “Bet ni**a”

Mike said “Alright bet,
if I hit her first bro don’t be upset with me”
Mike confident like “Bet I get the neck with it,
bro this sh*t ain’t new to me you know I got b*tches”

Days later Mike see her
He like “Hey miss lady”
She like “Hey Mike”

TEE GRIZZLEY / New Music Release

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