Mr. Put That Sh!t On - CyHi & Pusha T

Mr. Put That Sh!t OnCyHi & Pusha T

“Mr. Put That Sh!t On” is a collaborative single by CyHi and Pusha T that is a high-energy collaboration that pulsates with raw lyricism and unapologetic swagger. It features a captivating beat, with particular praise for the strings, and showcases the lyrical prowess of both artists. Pusha T’s performance on the hook has been highlighted, although some fans expressed a desire for him to have a verse as well. CyHi’s verses have been commended for their delivery and content, with listeners acknowledging his strong performance.

Their seamless delivery and sharp wordplay ride effortlessly over a captivating beat, commanding attention with their confident cadence and unyielding charisma. The single has been accompanied by a music video directed by CyHi, which features striking visuals and adds depth to the song’s narrative. Additionally, CyHi is working on an upcoming project titled “The Story of Mr. EGOT,” a concept album that explores the journey of Philip Michael Thomas, an accomplished American actor and musician who coined the term “EGOT.”. / New Music Release

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