Mr Hanky - BabyTron

Mr HankyBabyTron

Quotable Lyrics:
Heard they tried to take me as the nice guy, nice try
Double A twelve, pulled up, turned his block into Five Guys
I got hippie lungs, gallery department tie dye
Real life spaceships, we ain’t livin’ sci-fi
I can tell she wanna f**k doin’ all that side-eyein’

You try and take a half a dollar from me, you gon’ die tryin’
Off an oxy hittin’ stains, b*tch I feel like Billy Mays
Million dollar game, yeah I’m the king, I’m in my gilly phase
I’m the sh*t like Mr. Hanky

Shoot the .38 with both hands, the trigger janky
Hangin’ out the window if it’s issues, I ain’t goin on a rant
Two grams short of half in the slabs, Za Morant
Scratchin’ opps off the list, that sh*t like stompin’ ants
Shoulda knew the brick was fake, sh*t ain’t even got a stamp

Mountain Dew on lava lamp, if he hide, ain’t gotta camp
Number one contender, put me in the ring, I’ll drop the champ
Lil’ brodie manned up and volunteered to hit the ten
One h*e getting boring, told that b*tch bring a friend

Serenede jeans stack, these are not no RTA’s
F**k a ARP, I pull up, clear the scene with RPK
This life sh*t up and down, kinda like a see-saw
Aston Martin with the horses, pull off in the yee-haw

Throw your album in the dumpster, that sh*t sounded weak sauce
Every card of the deck, I can’t take no weeks off
Every day of the calendar
I’m pickin’ up what you put down like I got scavenger

I ain’t got no shame in my game, Frank Gallagher
Why they count me out? I shocked the world, supreme chancellor
Hundred in the clip, twenty-five each, ’cause he ridin’ around with three passengers

Mr HankyBabyTron