Molly Heart - Trippie Redd,Betrayal - Trippie Redd Feat. Drake,MP5 - Trippie Redd Ft. SoFaygo,Rich MF - Trippie Redd Feat. Polo G & Lil Durk

MP5Trippie Redd Ft. SoFaygo

Quotable Lyrics:
Hop out a GT3 with an MP5 (Bah)
Yeah, I got ice like Alaska, jet to Dubai (On gang, yeah)
Had to spread my wings to teach ’em all how to fly (Yeah)
Yeah, you ni**as square, divide ’em by pi
Yeah, rolling ’round, three GMC’s, ’bout to be a drive-by (Brrah)
Your lil’ homie know what’s up with me, talk down, you gon’ die (You gon’ die)
Keep that forty on my lap, I spent like twenty-four on my Rollie (Woo)
When you see me out in LA, just know I’m balling like Kobe (Woo)