Movie Star - Jack Harlow Feat. Pharrell,Churchill Downs - Jack Harlow Feat. Drake, First Class - Jack Harlow

Movie StarJack Harlow Feat. Pharrell

Quotable Lyrics:
And I know you just hate to see it
Can’t imagine being you, ooh, I’d hate to be it
I’m done fakin’ humble, actin’ like I ain’t conceited
‘Cause, b*tch, I am conceited
You know you can’t defeat it

Your girl’s a fan of me, in fact, I’m what her fantasy is
Duckin’ out the party, we can’t let the cameras see us
I’m with a movie star, ooh, young Cameron Diaz
I’m with a movie star, ooh, young Angelina

And I know they say all type of things about this type of life (Huh)
Well, ask yourself, are they right? (Right)
‘Cause we can do this every night (Uh-huh)

F**k all the drama, tryna meet your mama
We don’t need condoms, let’s make a gеnre
Hot like a sauna, upgrade your Honda
Baе, quit that sobbin’, I’ll fix all your problems