Move On - Lil Tjay

Move On – Lil Tjay

Quotable Lyrics: Move On – Lil Tjay

Oh my God, is that Avery?
Yeah, yeah, uh, uh
Yeah, yeah, uh, yeah

Back when I met you I thought you were special
Something ’bout you, just couldn’t forget you
Swear to God, I regret how you played me
Can’t believe I was me and I let you
Bet you gon’ miss all them nights when I sext you
Bet you gon’ miss when I’m hard to get next to
Bet you gon’ miss all them roses and petals
Where you gon’ look when you ready to settle?

Nevеr my way, lil’ shorty I’m gone
This ain’t gon’ work, we ain’t gettin’ along
I can’t sit right with you doing mе wrong
I know it’s gon’ hurt when you hear this song