Motion - Rich The Kid

MotionRich The Kid

Quotable Lyrics:
You know cash rules (Cash)
Take her Cancún (‘Cùn)
Jet got a lot of room (Room)
Goin’ up, balloon (Balloon)

You can’t stop this motion (Motion)
They on me like lotion (Lotion)
Smokin’ Oakcano, potent (Gas)
Don’t like rats or roaches (Roaches)

These ni**as be cappin’, bogus (Cap)
B*tch gone like hocus pocus (Gone)
I hope you don’t think I’m jokin’ (Jokin’)
Got the door wide open (Open)

And she love my wrist (Wrist)
‘Cause it’s frozen (‘Cause it’s frozen)
We gon’ take a roll like we bowling (Like we bowling, yeah)
I got motion, motion (Motion)

I’ma put you by the ocean (Ocean)
We know we don’t do no fightin’,
but the pockets swollen (Grrah)
It sound like Beethoven (‘Thoven)

I’m poppin’ a pill, no Ibuprofen (No ‘Profen)
You know I got the potion (Yeah)
Just look at my ni**as, you know we got motion

Rich The Kid