Monsieur - Dior


Quotable Lyrics:
I got a problem showin’ someone love and not gettin’ it back
It’s easy to love when my love not attached
Plenty fishes in the sea but none of ’em a catch
My head got my ego high and twelve on my ass

My feelings on my shoulders with my hands countin’ the cash
My ni**as gettin’ money but they only get it fast
I use to run in stores, just to claim I’m poppin’ tags
And when we run in b*tches, it’s a smash, never grab, yeah

I would hit them lick and then I dip across the Ave
I ain’t have no crib so I would hit ’em in the trap
Ni**as talkin’ sh*t, see, that’s the only timе I laugh
I got a problem showin’ people lovе that I never had