Money & Love - Wizkid

Money & LoveWizkid

Quotable Lyrics:
Nobody like me, ‘body like me
Baby, when I pull up, put you all in my jeans
Big lollipop, baby lick like ice cream
Big bad wiz, Mr. Shift-Your-Panties

F**k you to Buju Banton or Buju Benson
Girl, any record, girl, I go make you sing
Know she dey pray for the kokomicin
I got the holy water, baby, make you come swim

My pocket full of money oh
My heart dey full of love, oh, oh, oh
Nobody beat am for the dancer, no
Fine lady she dey bounce along

Skin tight for your body, yeah
What you dey want na hin I want to know
Don’t stop, make you drag me on
What you dey on na hin I want take on

Now pami, oh, lomi, oh
Burn that spliff, be your Romeo
Wa lomi, oh, ragabomi, oh
Got your back, wa sun bi, oh

Ja sungba, oh, omo jugba, oh
Touch me, I touch as е dey, oh
Oya so mi so, ka l’ole, oh
Chop, me I chop anoti, oh