Quotable Lyrics:
Ay, if I get a call soon as I wake up, better be ’bout some money (‘Bout some money)
Better be ’bout some paper (‘Bout some paper)
Sh*t, it might be my homies, right now they fighting cases (Fighting cases)
It bet’ not be ’bout no woman, don’t call me ’bout your bae (Call me ’bout your bae)

I don’t know your ho (I don’t know your b*tch)
Sorry momma, I can’t talk right now, I’m at the studio (At the studio)
Up and down, it go ’round and ’round, she make that booty go (She make that booty go)
I don’t give a f**k who ’round, ni**a, it can go down, let’s bang that stick (Let’s bang that stick)
I done spent too much money on this fit, you bet’ not waste nothin’ on it (You bet’ no wastе none)
I’m in the backseat with a jit, hе got a Draco on him (He got a Draco)

I don’t give a f**k about them jeans, long as her face go on them (Long as her face go on them)
I don’t give a f**k about that shirt, long as a eighth go on it (Long as a eighth go on it)
How I count paper as soon as I wake up (Soon as I wake up), tell me, what’s the amount?
Check my account, don’t leave the house (Don’t leave the house), that sh*t in route

I think I love her, she a fool with that mouth,
and you know that ni**a Chevy say, “It’s up” when he get out
How you comin’, ni**a? (How you comin’)
Grinding, rain, hail, sleet, snow, or sunny, ni**a
I see you shinin’ (I see you shinin’)

Damn, let a ni**a hold something
You sound like uncle Ice say, “I can smell a ni**a with some money” (Say I can smell a ni**a)
You wanna change the climate, I’m finna fly your b*tch out the country (Out the country)
Fresh off a lick, look like a lick, she wanna lick me (She wanna lick me)
FaceTime my phone like, “Where you at, boy? Come and get me” (Come and get me)

I’m on the way
Done trying, you don’t wanna stay (Stay)
Son crying, she just wanna play (Yeah, play)
Slang that iron wherever them ni**as lay
It can go down on the interstate (It can do down on the interstate)