Moncler Coat - Sally Sossa

Moncler CoatSally Sossa

Quotable Lyrics:
Walking in the cold in a Moncler coat
Can’t do relationships ’cause that sh*t just get old
I bought an Audemars for all the time you stole
I can’t put my trust in nobody, people fold like clothes

Feel like my past been holding me
And I’m just trying to show I’m a new improved
And I’m a smarter, older me
I don’t need no one trying to tell me who I’m supposed to be
I’m unbothered getting money, that’s how it supposed to be

I put on Prada ’cause I’m proud of me
A real big problem, 2021 I’m ’bout to be
Pull up in a new foreign and it’s not a lease
All I know is going fast, push to start, don’t need a key
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