Mona Lisa - Fetty Wap

Mona LisaFetty Wap

Quotable Lyrics:
Before they knew my name, I had you
Way before the house and the pool
When the lights was dim, I had you
There ain’t no me without you

When I die, they gon’ bury me under the city
Just make sure when I go that you’re f**king with me
My baby is a shooter, got her hand on the blicky
She know I’m a legend, ain’t no ni**a f**king with me

Baby girl, I can say the same thing for you
Never lie to me, keep it true
You know that this life can be a zoo
Be my Bonnie, I’m your Clyde, break the rules

I know that you love me
I ain’t gotta ask if you love me
‘Cause you been by my side when I had nothing
And b*tches hit my line and you don’t judge me
You just f**k with me (Yeah, baby)

You hid my work in your crib from the feds
Girl, I love you like I love my bread
And, girl, I’m stuck with you, baby
Stuck with me, babe
Gave you all of me, baby, yeah