Mobb Deep

Mobb Deep “Shook Ones, Pt. ll” RemixDax

Quotable Lyrics:
Never been one for the fame it doesn’t satisfy
My wicked thoughts pen verses that are classified
90% of what you hear for me is watered down
thoughts of my own because the real need alibis

And not one of you would save me if i get a case
Your validation ain’t gon pay or keep my family straight
So i don’t care about your politics or deep state
Just be glad my music doesn’t boost your cities murder rate
I’m ground breaking but was never shaken

The path i paved exists without mainstream validation
The main ones who stream my music don’t live comment
sections wherе narrative is concentrated
On what i’m making or thе lifestyle that i’m portraying
that i can’t afford and would probably lead to tax evasion

So when you see me rocking vans and the same jeans
and expect more close your eyes and just use your imagination
Don’t live vicariously through me

I shop at walmart, target and the jeans from zumiez
The role-i-model isn’t one you gotta follow
i am not an advocate for turning life into a movie
I’m a real person