Quotable Lyrics:
Can I talk my sh*t
Can I holla at y’all for a minute
You think you know Dream, but you have no idea
So can I break down how I did it

The credit cards chargin’, swipe em regardless
The project heat, could barely breathe in the apartment
You grow up like this, it’s only right to be heartless
You gotta learn quick, take a shot, or be the target
You know I’m gon pop it

Same way I pop shit
End up doin 55 years like my pops is
I can’t do 55 years in the projects
Gotta make it out this, gotta find a route quick
Need me a outlet, some fits, jewels, and a whip
Beforе I get any of it, I need some a** and some tits

I ain’t ashamеd of it, I learned to gain from it
Double Ds, DreamDoll, made my name from it
Learned to gain from it, how the snakes suck you

How the streets got no love but they will f**k you
F**k that, I got struck, so I struck back
I don’t believe in bad luck, so where the bucks at

This is for the family, this is for the Grammys
This is for everybody that misunderstand me